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  • Resources of underrepresented composers can be found on our EDUCATION page, submissions welcome!  
  • Virtual Conference sessions can be found on our PUBLIC RESOURCES page as available, under 'Digital Classroom'
MOLA's mission is to facilitate communication between professional performance librarians, educate and assist them in providing service to their organizations, provide support and resources to the performing arts, and work with publishers to achieve the highest standards in music performance materials.

Upcoming Sessions

**These sessions are for MOLA members only - find info on how to join via Zoom in this forum post**

Canadian Streaming & Licensing Roundtable
Friday, January 29, 2021, 2pm EST
Moderated by Gary Corrin, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

European Roundtable
Friday, February 12, 2021, 2pm GMT (& the 2nd Friday of every month thereafter)
Moderated by Georgina Govier, Welsh National Opera; MOLA Board Vice President; Chair, MOLA/Publisher Joint Committee - Europe

Additional Regional Roundtables for Members Coming Soon!


Founded in 1983, MOLA comprises over 300 performance organizations around the world, represented by more than 450 librarians. The job of these performance librarians is to acquire, prepare, catalogue and maintain the music for each institution. Through MOLA, librarians share information and resources to help them in their daily work.

Statement on Racial Injustice

We, the MOLA Board, unanimously condemn harassment and violence against the Black community. Our belief is that all people are equal. We continue to learn from history that these beliefs are not always followed, with systemic racism leading to marginalization, disenfranchisement, and death.  The murder of George Floyd, and countless others, at the hands of the police manifest the continuing atrocities faced by Black Americans today. We stand by our community and acknowledge that Black Lives Matter. 

During this time of dramatic and traumatic historical significance, we are committed to values of social responsibility, including equity and safety for Black librarians, musicians, administrators, vendors, and beyond. A truly open, inclusive, and collaborative environment for all cannot exist without justice for those affected by violence. The labor of dismantling white supremacy and structural racism does not rest solely upon our Black membership and other people of color. White librarians, who comprise a vast majority of the field, have a responsibility to disavow structural racism daily in society and in our industry. 

We seek an inclusive profession and to position MOLA as an organization welcoming of, built by, and led by persons of color. The vitality of our libraries and organizations depends on the safety of our work force and social responsibility, justice, and anti-racism in our work. The conversation is always open as to what more we can do, and all suggestions are welcome. 

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Your financial support allows MOLA to provide travel assistance to events, engage visiting scholars, sponsor career-entry librarians for further training, produce our quarterly newsletter (Marcato), offer web services and communication 24 hours a day, and undertake many other outstanding initiatives for professional development in our field.