Supporting MOLA

MOLA: An Association of Music Performance Librarians is the only organization of its kind offering educational and professional development opportunities for performance librarians. Your financial support allows us to provide travel assistance for librarians to annual events such as conferences and seminars, engage visiting scholars, sponsor career-entry librarians for further training, produce our quarterly newsletter (Marcato), offer web services and communication 24 hours a day, and undertake many other outstanding initiatives for professional development in our field.

Major Orchestra Librarians' Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

MOLA's Designated Funds

  • Clinton F. Nieweg Educational Fund
    In partnership with
    Educational Music Service, Inc.
    Seminars: Underwrites seminars featuring guests and hands-on educational sessions
    Mentoring: Brings apprentice librarians to seasoned professionals for on-the-job training
    MOLA Classroom: Supports creation of educational webcasts for member librarians

  • James B. Dolan Fund for Professional Development
    Travel Assistance: Assists librarians with travel expenses to conferences and seminars worldwide
    Visiting Scholars: Enables MOLA to present guest speakers and experts at conference and seminars

  • Endowment Fund
    Builds long-term stability through a restricted endowment

  • Past Presidents Fund
    Assists MOLA member organizations for dues and fees in emergencies

  • Conference Sponsorship
    Underwrites food and beverage events including the annual banquet, audio/visual equipment and expenses, rental of meeting spaces and display tables
If you write a check for your donation, please make check payable to:
Major Orchestra Librarians' Association

Send checks to:
Blaine Cunningham, MOLA Treasurer
Madeleine Crouch & Co., Inc.
14070 Proton Rd., Suite 100 LB 9
Dallas, TX 75244 

Attention: Don Dillon

Text "MOLA" to 44-321 to Donate Now!

Thank You to Our 2020 Supporters!

  • Paul Beck
  • James Berdahl
  • Christopher Blackmon
  • Ken Bonebrake
  • Christopher Reiche Boucher
  • Caleb Bradley
  • Nixon Bustos
  • John L. Campbell
  • Courtney Cohen
  • Maureen Conroy
  • Blaine Cunningham
  • Nishana Dobbeck
  • Melisandra Dunker
  • Elizabeth Dunning
  • Marcia Farabee
  • Michael Ferraguto
  • Ella Fredrickson
  • Mark Fugina
  • Meredith Gangler
  • Rachel Gangwer
  • Lisa Gedris
  • Matthew Gray
  • Paul Gunther
  • Aaron Hawn
  • Margo and Greg Hodgson
  • Steven Jones
  • Lisa Dempsey Kane
  • Katie Klich
  • Minella Lacson
  • Elaine Li
  • Rachel Lowry
  • Aspen McArthur
  • Patrick McGinn
  • Eliza Meyer - in honor of David Daniels
  • Matthew Naughtin
  • Mark Neuenschwander
  • Robert O'Brien
  • Tony Rickard
  • Manly Romero
  • Douglas Rosenthal
  • Karen Schnackenberg
  • Simone Silé
  • Susan Stokdyk
  • Elena Lence Talley
  • Lawrence Tarlow
  • Irene Wade

Donate to MOLA's General Fund

Supports general operating expenses of this nearly all-volunteer organization including: Marcato - the quarterly newsletter; website maintenance, and publication development and distribution