Privacy Policy

This policy follows EU's GDPR. We strive to keep this privacy policy up to date as legislations change. We will inform members in the registry if there are significant changes. Last changed on August 27th 2021.


Major Orchestra Librarians' Association, Inc.
14070 Proton Rd. Suite 100 LB9, Dallas, TX 75244, USA

Registrar contact

Please see the Governance page for current information

Register's name

Member users as registered for MOLA

Processing ground and use of personal data

Our processing ground in compliance with EU legislation is personal consent.

Personal data is used to enable logging in to the service, using it, and any communication related to the service. Metadata is also collected to maintain service quality and prevent misuse. Personal data and any additional information given by a user are made available to other users in the community, to help MOLA members connect with each other.

No data is used for automatic decision making or profiling.

This data is used by the registrar (Major Orchestra Librarians' Association, Inc.) and the service provider (Snowball Factory Oy).

Data content of the register

The following information is always stored: name, affiliated organization, email address, city, country, web usage related information such as an IP address or browser identification.

A user may also choose to add customized data to personalize their profile. This data may be added, modified and removed by the user at their discretion.

Information is stored as long as a user has a membership affiliation with MOLA, or 2 years from the user's last login, whichever comes last.


The website uses cookies to enable login and using members' services.

The website may also use first party cookies and third-party cookies from selected third-party vendors such as Google Analytics to, among other things, analyze, track usage of the site, determine popularity of certain content and better understand online activity. We do not transfer personal information to these third-party vendors. To opt-out of analysis by Google Analytics on our website and other websites, please visit

Information sources

Data is submitted by the user when they register to the service and as they continue to use it. Existing users before December 2019 had their data migrated from the previous version of

Transfer of data

No data is disclosed to a third party that has not been mentioned in this privacy policy. Data can be disclosed to authorities to the extent required by law, eg. in the case of a criminal investigation. Data can be transferred to The United States according to applicable privacy conventions. The following third party services are used to provide this service: Amazon Web Services (cloud provider), Mailgun (email provider) and Google Analytics (website analytics).

Protection of the registry

Processing of data is done using best practices, and data is secured appropriately. Registrar and service provider ensure that stored data, access permissions, and other measures critical to data protection are handled confidentially and only by employees or organization members who are required as a part of job duties.

Right of verification, correction and removal

Every member in the registry has the right to verify their data and request corrections in case of incorrect or missing information. A member in the registry also has the right to request removal of their personal data, along with other rights granted by EU GDPR, such as limiting processing of personal data. Requests must be sent in writing to the registrar.

The registrar may ask requesters for additional verification of identification. The registrar will reply within the limit set by GDPR (typically within a month).