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2022 Pre-Conference Workshop Program Alizabeth Nowland conference
2023 MOLA Conference Program conference
2024 MOLA Conference Program conference
Advocacy and Awareness for Performance Librarians
Advocacy checklist_2023
Advocacy slides_2023
Jane Cross conference
Audition Books: Creating Digital Excerpts Alastair McKean learning
Battery’s Included: How to Work with Your Percussion Section Julia Thompson conference
Bibliography: Starting Your Reference Collection Russ Girsberger
Bits and Bytes: Managing All Those Digital Music Files
Digital Preservation in the Performance Library
Digital Preservation worksheet
Jane Cross conference
Cataloging Software Show and Tell
Cataloging Software Show and Tell
Libib pricing
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Holly Matthews conference
Composer Wrangling, or: Helping Composers Think Like Musicians Alastair McKean conference
Composers: Guide for Students Alastair McKean
Composers: Music Preparation Guide Alastair McKean
Copyright: Primer Michael Shelton, Wendy J. Skoczen conference
Crash Course for Beginners - How to Survive as a New Librarian Helena Ericsson, Ian Phillis conference
Creating, Licensing and Distributing Authorized Orchestral Arrangements, Orchestrations and Transcriptions
Creating, Licensing and Distributing Authorized Orchestral Arrangements, Orchestrations and Transcriptions Slides
MPA International Orchestra Guidelines for Derivitive Arrangements
Robert Thompson conference
Decoding Bruckner Christopher Hawn conference
Exhale: Breathing for Wellness Stacy Kramer, MA, LPCC conference
First-timers Conference Guide conference
Leadership from the Library Peter Conover, Tony Rickard, Sara Baguyos conference
Leadership from the Library Alastair McKean conference
MOLA I - Meeting Agenda conference
MOLA Résumé Guide Sara Griffin, Karen Schnackenberg, Wendy Skoczen Résumé
Music Performance Librarianship: Careers and Employment, An International Panel Discussion
2023 NYO Intern Interview Sheet
Book 1
Book 2-compressed
Book 3
Sample library test questions
final interview questions
Pedals, Pitches, and Pixels: An Introduction to Harp Notation
Pedals, Pitches, and Pixels - Handout
Pedals, Pitches, and Pixels_ Harp Notation Session
Public Speaking Alastair McKean conference
Reflections: What I Learned in My First Library Role Tracy Bass, Julia Karstens conference
Skills for Beginner Librarians (and How to Teach Them) Mallory Sajewski conference
The Accession Question: Putting Your Library in (Numerical) Order
Utilizing Volunteers in the Library
Volunteers in the Library
Volunteers to Grad Assistants
Hannah Davis, Danielle Garrett conference
Where Angels Fear to Tread: Working with Your Fundraising Department Jane Hargraft conference