First time Log-in

We’re excited to introduce the new MOLA website to you. Let’s get right to it!
  • Click: LOG IN (yep, this is for new/all members)
  • Enter: your email address registered on the previous MOLA site
hint – these instructions were sent to the email address you should use
  • Enter: anything as a password
  • Wait: You’ll receive a verification response to this email. Follow those directions, and your account will be activated. Please login to the site again.
  • Click: “Remember Me” checkbox if you’d like to stay logged on indefinitely; you will be signed out automatically after 2 hours without this check.


Q: Yikes! This is not the email I want to use. What do I do?
A: If you are able to access that email account in order for the verification process, please use it for the initial login process. You’ll be able to change your email immediately in your user profile. If not, email the MOLA database coordinator here.

Q: Things didn’t work out for me and I used the “Apply” button and process rather than "Log In". Now what?
A: No worries; someone from the Webteam will need to be in touch with you to sort you out – but we will see the request come through and be in touch as soon as we can. Unfortunately, login can’t be automatic using this feature.

Q: It looks great but I’m having a library crisis. Where’s the good stuff – Forum? Errata? Music 911?
A: The “About” and “Career” tabs at the top of the page are the public parts of the website – the “Hub” drop-down is where all the 'Member’s Only' resources live. You will land on “Your Dashboard” after logging in - the Forum is immediately visible, and errata can be accessed from the right sidebar, as well as from the Hub drop-down menu. Also, Music-911 is now a Forum thread - just add a new message to that forum to ask for help, and it's immediately emailed to all the people subscribed to that forum (all users are automatically subscribed to this forum) – and don’t forget about the ever-present “Find Anything” search feature!

Q: How does the rest of the Forum work?  Is there email forwarding for other threads?
A: To start a new thread, click the prompts to add a new topic or thread.  Similarly to Music 911, to receive email forwarding, please click "subscribe" to have all threads in that topic sent; frequency of email forwards can be edited (daily as the default or weekly) can be edited in your profile, where you can also delete/unsubscribe to threads.

Q: Whoa, can I really submit errata directly on the website? And upload PDFs?
A: Yes!!! Please follow the prompts and fill this out as you would normally create an errata document. The Errata Committee will review submissions before they are posted.

Q: Where’s the PAD? And Membership Directory?
A: The Contact Directory under the “Hub” now comprises PAD (Publishers, Agents, and Dealers contact list), Membership Directory, and Librarian Profiles, and these can be filtered with the search function or toggle buttons.

Q: My contact details are incorrect; how do I update those?
A: Your personal data can be updated by you – edit away by clicking on “Account” in the top right.  You can update your Marcato mailing preference (PDF or print copy) in your profile as well.   

Q: My organization contact details need a refresh; how do I update those?
A: Organizational details, including changing your affiliated organization, need to be done by an administrator – please email by using the link found on the organization’s page.

Still have questions? We're here to help - webteam@mola-inc.org