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A Visit to the Metropolitan Orchestra Music Library
on the MET Orchestra Musicians website.

Jimmy Dolan, Librarian for Music Giants
on the LA Times website.
Confusion and Error
by Normal Del Mar
from THE SCORE and I. M. A. Magazine, William Glock, Editor

Astor Piazzolla
The Tango and its Origins
by Christopher Sears
from the Arts page of The Australian Financial Review
Reprinted with the permission of Christopher Sears

Getting The Most From Your Orchestra Librarian
Do You Know Where Your License Is?
Commissions & Consortiums: Working Together
Questions and Answers from an Orchestra Librarian
by Marcia Farabee
from Progressions [American Symphony Orchestra League] 1991
Available through the courtesy of the American Symphony Orchestra League

Behind the Scenes: A Roundtable
A discussion with Marcia Farabee, Margo Hodgson, Karen Schnackenburg, Larry Tarlow, and Ron Whitaker
Harmony™: Forum of the Symphony Orchestra Institute, Number 9, October 1999
Reprinted with permission of the Symphony Orchestra Institute

Turning the Page
by Wynne Delacoma
Symphony Magazine (January-February 2008)Reprinted by permission of Symphony Magazine, the magazine of the League of American Orchestras

Concert Production's New Ally: A Computer Learns the Score
 By Marshall Burlingame
Symphony Magazine (February-March 1983): pp. 11-13
Reprinted by permission of Symphony Magazine, copyright 1983 (1988) American Symphony Orchestra League

Staging an Orchestra Concert
By Marshall Burlingame
First published in MadAminA (a publication of the Music Associations of America) vol. 4, no. 1 (Spring 1983): pp. 13-15
Reprinted by permission of the Music Associations of America

Orchestra Librarians Keep Up in Digital Age
by Karen Schnackenberg
International Musician, July 2002
Reprinted by permission of the American Federation of Musicians

Many Hats Behind the Music
International Musician, August 2002Reprinted by permission of the American Federation of Musicians

Settling the Scores
by Joe Barron
Tempo [Temple University Public Radio magazine] (January/February/March 2003): pp. 19-21
Reprinted by permission of Temple University Public Radio

Crisis Manager
by Pierre Ruhe
The Strad: Behind the Scenes v.108, no.1285, (May 1997), p. 584
Posted with permission

Classification of the Performance Librarian Within the Orchestra
A Thesis in Music by Andrew S. Holmes
Posted with permission

Film Music in Concert
by Jon Burlingame
Posted with permission

Editions Paper July 1999
by Clint Nieweg and Robert Sutherland
Prepared for an IAML conference: "A discussion of various editorial trends and how a conductor's decision to use a particular edition may impact the librarian"
Posted with permission

What's in a Name?by Frank Byrne

Mary Plaine feature on Impromptu Magazine
As seen in the May-June 2013 issue of Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Overture magazine
Posted with permission

Broken Pencil Back Issues
Broken Pencil is a newsletter published by British orchestra librarians between 2001-2004
Posted with permission

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