Marcato is MOLA's quarterly newsletter, ISSN 1543-0235. In addition to publishing announcements of official business, the Editors of Marcato welcome the submission of interesting and informative articles intended to enrich and expand our readership’s knowledge of available performance editions, special collections, preservation techniques, music history, our membership, news items and current events, as well as other subject matter of a scholarly nature. Marcato also encourages our members to contribute regional conference or workshop reports, committee reports, and other articles of interest to the majority of MOLA members. Marcato has reached its 35th year of publication and has a circulation of approximately 300 subscribers. Guidelines for submissions for Marcato can be found HERE.

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MOLA members in good standing receive Marcato gratis with their membership, and retirees are entitled to receive an electronic subscription free of charge. Subscriptions may be obtained by sending a check to the Treasurer (payable to MOLA) or subscribe now through PayPal.

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