MOLA Publications

The MOLA Publications page has been designed to share resources created by MOLA committees or other MOLA member librarians.

Articles include:

What is MOLA? defines the organization and its goals.

The Orchestra Librarian: A Career Introduction outlines a variety of duties and skills needed as an Orchestra Librarian throughout different disciplines.

Music Preparation Guidelines for Orchestral Music discusses the preparation of music scores and parts and the layout of performance material in our libraries.

Opera: Friend or Foe? is a brochure to aid in the preparation of aria concerts or full operas.

The Music We Perform gives an overview of royalties, rentals and rights.

Rights and Responsibilities concerning Rental Music in North America is a set of guidelines designed to achieve good communication and efficient service between performance libraries and rental publishers.

Ballet Music: A Survival Guide is intended to serve as a basic map of the wilds of the dance world and to suggest strategies for finding those mysterious lost treasures of 19th century ballet repertoire.


MOLA publications