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Conversation with Clinton F. Nieweg (MOLA Co-founder, including a mini MOLA Oral History) [Editorial assistance by Jennifer A. Johnson]
326 days ago
In an essay by Karen Schnackenberg, she summarizes the whole package that is required to become a successful performance music librarian as follows: “In addition to their musical skills, successful orchestra librarians need to be able to handle thousands of details on a regular basis, must be multitaskers, deadline-driven, thick-skinned (providing music and information services to up to 100 orchestra members, multiple conductors and concertmasters and administrative staffs, choruses, and guest artists), and passionate about music and their role in creating it.” Karen is currently serving as the Principal Librarian, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and concurrently as the Past President of the Major Orchestra Librarians’ Association (MOLA). In the following interview, Karen describes what a typical day on the job is like for an orchestra librarian for such a high-caliber orchestra, as well as her unparalleled talents in multitasking.
567 days ago
Information and application for the Marcia Farabee Librarian Exchange Program is now available.
1065 days ago
Christopher Hogwood obituary Leading figure of the early music revival as conductor of the Academy of Ancient Music, keyboard player and musicologist
1872 days ago
Lorin Maazel, a former child prodigy who went on to become the music director of the New York Philharmonic, the Cleveland Orchestra, the Vienna State Opera and several other ensembles and companies around the world, and who was known for his incisive and sometimes extreme interpretations, died on Sunday at his home in Castleton, Va. He was 84.
1947 days ago
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